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Akuwaa Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Spa

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Dreadlock extension

Dreadlock Extension are great alternative for people who loves to wear dreadlocks but are not ready for the commitment or people who don’t have the time and the texture of hair to grow naturally consistence dreads .dreadlocks extension gives people the option of having ticker consistent dread .Akuwaa dread locks extension can be kept on for 6months to one year with monthly maintenance.

Natural Dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks sometimes call locks or dread are matted ropes of hair which will form naturally without combing or intentionally formed using various methods to encourage their formation such as back combing section of the hair, twisting on a process involving the weaving of the hair with a crochet look to form knots.

Types of locks

Sizes of the locks or forming of the locks describes the types

Comb Twist

Creating coils with a comb and gel. This method is suitable short natural hair.

Other Braids

Box braids, afro twist, clip – in etc.


We twist all kinds of natural hair into beautiful and presentable style suitable for all

Natural Hair

Natural hair in this content means African hair or African decent hair type.
At akuwaa salon our nature is dealing with natural hair without using any chemical substance that will damage the natural texture of the hair.
We create all sort of styles with the natural hair, we restore week and dry hair back to its original state

Rich Theme Options

Box braids, afro twist, clip – in etc.

Latching locks

Is a tool that is used to lock the hair permanently this method locks hair easily and instantly. Dreadlocks such as micro locks, sister locks are created using this tool or a similar tool

Palm rolling method

This is where by the locks are uniformly palm rolled into locks It makes the locks look bigger, neat but one needs the products to achieve the beauty of the locks

Free form locks

This method is mostly the traditional way of locking. You simply neglect’s the hair to do its own type of twisting or simply rob towel on the hair to form uniform locks